About Us

Our creator, Norma Jean Basset was passionate about our products being made in the United States and that continues to be our business model today. Our designers, model makers, casters, and platers all help hand make our items in Rhode Island, USA.

Our products are designed in CAD and a metal model is created from the design (think 3D printing in metal). From there a sample mold is created and we use that sample to create a production mold. The production pieces are cast out pewter and electroplated in a jewelry quality finish. Once the pieces are finished, they are brought back to our warehouse where they are hand sorted, counted, packaged, and shipped.

Norma Jean designed and created products for over 30 years. Her designs are what started our company and they will continue to follow us through our success as our legacy designs.

Whatever your passion or whatever makes you smile, we hope you can find a little bit of it here with our hand-crafted metal goods.

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