1. Using the provided alcohol wipe, clean the metal side of your AirTag and the inside of the AirTag holder.

2. Take the provided 3M double-sided sticky circle and remove the yellow/white backing. Using care to line up the hole in the tape with the holder, place the tape inside the holder. The tape should not be seen through the front of the holder.

3. Before you remove the red backing, press FIRMLY all the way around the tape for about 60 seconds. You want as much good contact between the tape and the holder as possible to prepare you for the next step.

4. CAREFULLY remove the red backing on the tape. The red backing may be stubborn about being removed, so take care and make sure that you don't pull the tape right out of the holder. We find that using something like the point of a steak knife can help to keep the tape on the holder as you take off the red backing.

5. Grab your AirTag and holder. Look through the hole on the front of the holder, center the Apple logo of the AirTag in the circle and press it firmly onto the sticky. Try your best to get it in the first shot. Repositioning the tag too many times will weaken the adhesive.

6. Firm pressure will increase the contact of the adhesive. Press firmly for one minute.

7. The longer the bond cures, the more effective the adhesiveness will be. We recommend letting the holder sit for an hour before putting it on your collar/dog.


1. We find it works best to pinch your collar, bringing both sides together, and then slip the pinched point into the opening at the ends of the two arms.

2. Do this for both sides of the holder and then position the holder on your collar.

If your Tag Charlie AirTag holder breaks or tarnishes due to normal wear and tear we will replace it at no cost for up to one year from the date of purchase. Please just send us a photo of the broken holder and we will gladly send you a replacement.